Jeremias Kellers Vertigo – Étude Nr. 1

This clip was filmed at the cultural centre PROGR in Bern by 15 friends of mine. They all used their smartphone cameras with directions of mine. Edited and post-produced by myself.

pommelHORSE – Hirsch

It’s a 8 times slower recorded choreography. I wrote the storyboard and calculated the movements of the actors. One day of rehearsing, two takes at the end of the day, no post-production (except one cut), we only sped up the video.

pommelHORSE – Winter Madness

Also a choreography in different tempi, partly in realtime, partly recorded twice as slow, partly varying graduately. A lot of calculation, one day of rehearsing, a few takes at the end of the day, one-shot. We also built this decagon by ourselves. The construction that turned the camera to my calculations was built by Samuel Gfeller.


Artwork for Little Wings «Your Heart is Miles Away»

The front and back are real photos of a silhouette (paper cut) on transparent paper, which is illuminated from the back by a single light bulb. The inside was drawn and written by me, completely analog, then scanned.

Artwork for Jeremias Kellers Vertigo – «Vertigo»

This one is done by long-exposure photography. The silhoutte is drawn in the air with a flashlight. The rest of the artwork are paper cuts, which are lit from the back and also photographed with long-exposure.